1/10, Blackbeard the Bloodthirsty Pirate Plastic Model Kit

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Blackbeard the Bloodthirsty Pirate 1/10 Plastic Model Kit

1/10 Scale. This is a reissue and comes from tooling made back in 2013 by Atlantis. Based on the Classic Aurora kit. This kit comes molded in light gray and brown with the new square box and a decal sheet for his treasure chest. Plastic Parts are molded in China. Decals, instructions and packaging are made in the USA. Includes Blackbeard figure with weapons, ships deck and wheel, treasure chest with waterslide decals with blackbear nameplate.

Within the rogue’s gallery of 16th Century pirates, there were few as feared
as Blackbeard. Born as Edward Teach in 1680 Bristol, England, he trolled the
West Indies and the east coast of Britain’s North American colonies in search of
ill-gotten booty.

Upon sight of his ominous sailing ship, “Queen Anne’s Revenge,” most merchant
ships, as well as would-be opponents, would reverse course and retreat lest they
become engaged in vicious confrontation with the bloodthirsty sea bandit. 

Besides his full and flowing beard from which he coined his imposing sailing
name, Blackbeard was also known for his coveted buried treasure, that which
has yet to be found, even to this day. 

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