What Is No Prep Drag Racing?

The track length is 132 feet (scale ¼ mile) We call this no prep meaning we only sweep/blow/clean the racing surface, no traction additive is applied to the surface, which makes power management and driving the keys to fast consistent runs. The no prep drag racing scene is by far the hottest new segment in RC. We are seeing lots of people converting different types of vehicles, like short course trucks, and modifying them for drag racing. There have been drag cars released by manufactures over the years, namely Traxxas, Losi and Team Associated, which are specifically meant for the no prep scene. In addition, there are countless chassis, parts, motors, etc. to build your No Prep Drag Car from the ground up.

All are welcome to come check out any event. Bring a car even if you’re not shooting for a spot on the list, you can run for fun or just swing by and watch for a bit and take a good look around and enjoy the hobby of No Prep R/C Drag Racing.

Street Outlaw Class

  1. Chassis: Short course-based chassis (2wd), 12-13.5-inch wheelbase (4wd not allowed, 4wd to 2wd conversion not allowed)
  2. Motor: Any commonly over the counter RC car motor.
  3. Battery: 2 cells (8.44v max, single pack)
  4. Tires: Rubber foam insert style rear and front tires, threaded or slick allowed. (No O-rings) running without foam insert allowed.
  5. Shocks: Must have four shocks each controlling a wheel as intended by typical manufacturers. Connected and operating hinge pin arms at all four corners of the car. Shocks must have movement visible and acceptable by the race director. “No Tie Rods”.
  6. Transmission: Car must use a 3-5 gear transmission (gear box) Belts or link conversions not allowed.
  7. Weight: Cars ready to run must meet a 4.54lbs (72.6oz, 2060 grams) Minimum
  8. Wheelie bar: May extend a maximum of 15” from the rear drive (CVA/Dog bone).
  9. Body: Realism – Body must cover wheels (i.e. no buggies) Wheel wells must be cut exposing 1/2 the wheel minimum.
  10. Wings and things: Rear wings/spoilers may extend off the body’s rear deck a max of 3 inches. Rear side dam may not be higher than the car roof line and can extend off the body’s rear deck a max of 3 inches. Nose splitters may extend a max of 1/2” from the edge of the body.
  11. Rear Body Cutouts: The rear section of the body (valance/bumper panel) may be removed but must retain the original rear side quarter fenders, trunk lid and/or pickup bed. Rear spoilers supplied with a body are considered legal for that body in their intended design.
  12. Body holes: Up to four (4) holes no larger than ½” at any location on the body are allowed. Window cut outs Not allowed.
  13. Prep: Tire prep is allowed but a burn out is required before staging your car.
  14. No “Assist” receivers or gyros, or any driving assist items allowed. No AVC Receivers. No TSM receivers.

    Caloosa Trains And Hobbies 4-17 Southern Speedway

    8655 Piper Rd.
    Punta Gorda, Florida 33982

    Tuesday Night, 6pm - 9pm
    Sunday, 10:30am - 3pm

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